New Beginnings, Shifting Focus, Reallocating Time and Reprioritizing My Goals. – Birth of the Prince of Clubs

Yoo what’s going on, I don’t know how you stumbled across my site but nothing is accidental so HHII!!! Thanks for coming. Welcome to my blog. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a photographer, web developer and videographer and I’m just dope enough to know that I have A LOT to learn. Hey no ones perfect right lol.

I don’t know what it is about the latter third of the year that always gets my active. That’s when I have my best ideas and I believe I am at my most creative. My mother says it’s because I was born in the fall so that’s when my year ends. There may be something to it, because that is how I got the idea to start this photoblog/blog.

I had SO much work to do today. Clean my studio, clean my apartment, change the litter box the list doesn’t stop I swear. You know what I ended up doing? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I literally made breakfast and went promptly to bed flirting the line between consciousness and the sweet sweet feeling of passing out. Now it’s 11:40 pm and I’m scrambling to get my Sunday rituals done before I knock out… Even that is a lie because I’m actually writing this right now lol.

However, two things I WAS able to check off my to do list was

  1. get this website finished
  2. Build my mother’s framework for her website (coming soon, it’s gonna be fire)

She was so happy when she saw what I had set up for her so it’s not a total loss.

For the record, I am not planning on doing many written blogs. More so, as the site states I intend on showing you the world as I see it through my photography and I may even post some of my videos here from time to time.

One of the biggest goals for me this year is to COMPLETELY overhaul my YouTube channel. By the time you read this my videos should have all been privated (totally not a word or at least I don’t think it is but so what). I am thinking about going in a new direction with my channel. Still gaming but a bit more focused. Previously my channel was all over the place and not really all that organized or structured and according to my cousin Rhett “Very cringy” He’s always been a tough critic but looking back on some of my older ones ugh… shudders… but experience is priceless so onward and upward.

By the way guess what I found out, our former president Barack Obama follows me on Twitter. No really he actually does, LOOK See told ya lol. You can go check my Twitter lol and if he does follow me then you have to follow me too deal? Deal lol.

Anyway thanks for reading, hopefully I will have some dope shots for you this week. Talk to you later.

Peace, ♣️


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